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All Who Trick Are Treats

While trying to enjoy a peaceful Halloween with his mother Linda Garner (Monique Parent, THAT'S A WRAP), Tim is paid a visit by his rambunctious, up-for-anything friends. After reluctantly letting them inside the house he becomes intertwined with the circumstances of their Halloween prankings. One that turns out has broken a sacred tradition kept between humans and otherworldly deities known as the Aos Si. A call back to terrors birthed in the mythology, lore and atmospheric dread behind the Halloween traditions based in an ancient Celtic past.

Written & Directed byMatt Sampere
ProducersErika McGowan, Matt Sampere, Paul Sinacore, and Tyler Dane Sutton
Executive ProducersJason Scott Goldberg
CinematographyJonathan J. Lee
Edited ByMatt Sampere

Teaser Trailer (2022)


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Meet the cast of Creeping Death.

  • Matt Sampere

    Matt Sampere

    Tim Garner

  • Monique Parent

    Monique Parent

    Linda Garner

  • Alan Maxson

    Alan Maxson

    Aos Si

  • Delian Lincourt

    Delian Lincourt

    Danielle Wes

  • Hunter Kohl

    Hunter Kohl


  • Ian Brown

    Ian Brown


  • Elise Rackemann

    Elise Rackemann


  • K Cody Hunt

    K Cody Hunt


  • Andy Horowitz

    Andy Horowitz

    Mr. Brownstone

  • Jody Pucello

    Jody Pucello

    Officer Wes

  • Scott Lea

    Scott Lea

    Fred Garner

  • Patrick Tuohey

    Patrick Tuohey


  • Scott Thomas Reynolds

    Scott Thomas Reynolds


  • Paul Sinacore

    Paul Sinacore

    Newscaster Paul

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